Help to pay by credit card through Paypal

In this tutorial we explain how to make a payment by credit card through the Paypal system
Paypal offers the possibility to the holders of major credit cards (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Aura, Discover ...) to make transactions without sharing your card with the final recipient of the payment.
In order to send a payment in respect of an order, Paypal offers two possibilities. The first is to log into your Paypal account, in case you have registered with the service. In such cases, Paypal will pick up the money from the customer's Paypal account, or, if not possessed of the necessary amount, a credit card associated with the same profile Paypal.
The second does not require any registration to the Paypal system: it will only need to fill out the form proposed (like any electronic POS) and click on the "Pay" button once you have entered the required data.
Choice of payment method
Once you enter the product in shopping cart, choose as payment CREDIT CARD
Choosing a shipping method
Then choose the preferred method of delivery
Order Confirmation
Confirm the order by clicking on Order Confirmation
Choosing the type of payment on Paypal
At this point, you will be redirected to the Paypal site, where you make the payment. By choosing your Paypal account you can login with your account and pay in the manner described above.
Choose Do not have a Paypal account? Whether you want to simply fill out the form with the required information for payment, without to register with Paypal.
Application form with the necessary data
You can now enter the required information and make payment without making a registration to Paypal. Click on the PAY button to send the payment to the operator.
Send the payment to the operator